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Kestrel Lodge To Whinlatter Forest

Whinlatter forest is THE place to go when it comes to MTB. 790m above sea level they put the mountain into mountain biking.

Purpose built trails with names like DOA, Big Dipper, Grand National, The Wonderwalls, More Adrenalin Please, and the Road to Recovery, are but a few of the highlights you can experience around Whinlatter forest. Seriously, this is must for any serious MTB enthusiast.

If you want to really challenge yourself and bike over there as well as around the mountain, then the route is easy...

KL to whinlatte1. Out of the campsite and down to the bridge at Bassenthwaite village, don’t cross the bridge. Ride on to the A591 by going straight and coming out at Bassenfell Manor Christian centre.
2. Turn Right onto the A591 then take a left just before the Castle Inn pub heading for the A66. When you get to the Ouse Bridge, take a left, sticking with the lake on your left, until you get to the A66 Junction.
3. Turn left onto the A66 and stay with it till you get to Braithwaite. Turn right off the A66 onto the B5292. Stay on this road until you get to the Visitors centre at Whinlatter Forest.
4. Pick up a map for the forest bike trails.
5. Enjoy...
6. When coming back you can retrace your steps, or at Braithwaite turn right onto the A66 and go to the roundabout.
7. Take the first exit off the roundabout onto the A591 towards Carlisle and ride down to Bassenthwaite village.
8. Turn right at the Church and go through the village.
9. Pass the Sun Inn on your left and turn right over the bridge for the final stretch back to your tent...with or without stopping for a pint on the way.

Distance: 20mile round trip
MTB or road: Either...but once on the mountain you’ll need the mountain bike
Level: If you don’t go on the forest trails, this is a fairly easy ride with only the Whinlatter pass truly offering any challenge.

All maps and routes are to be used as guides only. When setting off, please make sure you have a good map with you too.