England’s 4th Highest Mountain!

As I don’t yet live at Kestrel Lodge full time – me and Mum (who does live there full time) have decided to do 1 biggie, as she calls them, every time I visit.

This visit we decided on Skiddaw from a different route, talking in 4 fell tops but only 2 Wainwrights! (Yes, I feel cheated!)

So, me, Mum and the girls (Jazz and Merlin) my faithful collies, set off on what was to be a 14 mile walk (according to fit bit!!).

We took the now well travelled route to Peters House Farm before turning right down the road to tackle a new path to the top of Bakestall. It was quite a slog up, I must admit. The faithful collies left me to forge ahead with the path finder—AKA Mum—and the next time I saw them all was at the top. Faithful? Yeah, right.

From the top of Bakestall it’s a nice, if undulating, ridge (more like largish top) up and over to the top of Skiddaw. As a popular mountain top we didn’t have it to ourselves, but the views are amazing.

IMG 4008

Path finder and the faithful collies at the top of Bakestall.

Following the path along the top the view just keep on coming – my favourite was down to Keswick, Derwent, and Borrowdale beyond. I defiantly need a sunrise from this view point. 3am start anyone!!!!!!! Head Torches to the Top ?

IMG 4015

Me and the girls at the top of Skiddaw.