Practice for the Great North Swim 2016

So, some time ago--actually back in June last year--after the euphoria of finishing the Great North Swim in just 41 minutes, I you entery pretty much every female member of the family in to the Great North Swim 2016.

Since I've done very little swimming since last years Great North Swim--the mind is willing but the body and weather can disagree--I decided to check that I could still swim. I have to admit that we are a fmaily of swimmers and we all swam competitively...just more years ago now than any of us will admit to!

So, Andrea, myself, Faye, and the kids all headed down to Bassenthwaite Lake for a swim. It was cold despite being a lovely warm day. But the upshot is that I can still swim. Andrea can still swim. The kids had a blast playing on their body boards. And Faye's unsure she can swim in a wetsuit! Excuses, excuses.

Anyway, there's only four weeks to go until the Great North Swim. The 11 am wave on the 11th of June, me, Andrea, Mum, Faye, Auntie Carrie, and honourary Auntie Caroline will be in Windermere. Give us a wave and a clap, and fingers crossed we all make it round.

The only real question left is...who will win!

bass swim