The Hens

So one of the things i really wanted to do when i moved to the lakes was increase the size of my fury family. We already have cats and dogs as thats all we could accommodate in our house back in Keighley but with the land at Kestrel Lodge the possibilities are endless....... well once i’ve convinced the rest of the extended family its a good idea.

Back in October a friend offered us a chicken coop she no longer used and the family agreed i could have some Hens. Dad kindly gave up a couple of days to dismantle the coop and then re assemble it here, then off i went in search of some hens. I’d spotted a free range egg farm in nearby Embelton so me and the kids decided it was worth asking the farmer if he’d sell us a couple of hens to get started with.

The farmer turned out to be one of the loveliest fellas i’ve ever met and we had such fun with him. His name was Thomas and after showing us round his farm, introducing us to his pig and piglets and just generally being a salt of the earth chap he caught us 3 hens and wouldn’t take a penny off me in payment. I offered to pay him in cake but he laughed and told me he had cake coming out of his ears. The three hens from Thomas are collectively named ‘The orginals’ and individual named ‘Sweets’, ‘Fiesty’, and Toffee. I fell in love immediately with ‘The orginals’ they have so much character and collecting our first Kestrel Lodge egg was VERY exciting. Days later and a local poultry supplier was found and my sister and I were off buying more hens! They’re addictive what more can i say....

Fiesty and Hetty

So we now have 8 hens in total, a mixture of breeds and all characters in their own right. Our flock will grow in time so we can offer campers fresh eggs. What could be nicer than fresh eggs cooked on your camping stove.

Beautiful Egss.