There’s a New Law in Town

Campfires, Burning Wood, Solid Fuel, and the New Law in the UK.

First of all, we absolutely love campfires, wood burners, and BBQs as much as you do, and we want to continue having them at Kestrel Lodge Campsite. But due to new regulations brought in from the 1st of May 2021, we now have to be stricter on what is burnt on site.

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The government has enacted new environmental legislation in regard to the burning of solid fuels in wood burners and open fires (including those inside the glamping Yurts or your own wood burners that you may have brought with you, and BBQs) as a means of helping us all to meet international environmental targets of reducing carbon emissions.

As a result, we must now insist that any wood burnt on site is purchased from our shop so we know it is compliant with the new legislation.


This legislation forbids the burning of wood that is more than 20% wet and has not been sampled and certified as being drier than this. Unfortunately, this means picking up sticks or fallen wood around site and throwing it on the fire is now also illegal. Please don’t do this. Anyone who is found doing so could be asked to leave without a refund. Please don’t make us have to do that.

It does also mean that to be compliant, the testing and certification process comes at a cost. So it is not something we wanted to do, but we've had to put the cost of a bag of logs up to £6 per bag to help cover these additional costs. We've managed to source  alternatives to some of our kindling and firelighter products, so you won't find higher costs there, but these logs are supplied by a local business man, who can deliver at the drop of a hat, and sources his materials locally, and was still as cheap or cheaper than most of the big firms were offering us as a small business unable to make the huge bulk orders of other companies. To us that makes it more than worth it, environmentally and ethically.

We hope you'll be glad to know that all our camping prices on site have remainded the same as last year, at £10 per adult per night and £4.50 per child per night, £25.00 for an electric pitch (includes 2 adults) per night, and no silly added extras for hot showers, dogs, gazebos, your car, canoe, etc, etc. Those are still really reasonable prices for camping in Bassenthwaite, only 6.5 miles from Keswick.

For more information about the new legislation, you can visit

Please use the campfires and wood burners on site responsibly and don’t leave them unattended or young children alone with them. Thanks for your help with this, we really appreciate it.